Velvet Lounge

by Eddie "Sea"

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“Velvet Lounge” is the sequel to “Moon City” This Album takes you deeper into the passion of the 70's with a twist of today's music. Again, like “Moon City.” There are great stories and beautiful, organic music played by extraordinary musicians and singers. This is an album that you can play all day long everyday! Velvet Lounge has a celebratory feel to it that sends you in to a state of mind where you want to party, BBQ, Picnic, or take a long drive!

Velvet Lounge starts off with “Planet Earth” the smooth party, love song that puts you in a trance right away. Song by song they wind in and out of grooves that keep you smiling like the exotic ballad “Kama Sutra Love” The Epic and Emotional funk and horn-laden duet “Superstar”

They're moments where you will think a 14 piece band is in front of you.
Real people playing with the blood, sweat and tears of every note!

“Velvet Lounge” is soulful, passionate, exotic, funky, and like no other.
No one who enjoys real music will pass this masterpiece up!


released June 21, 2011

Written And Produced By Eddie "Sea"



all rights reserved


Eddie Sea Chicago, Illinois

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Track Name: Eddie "Sea" Featuring The Golden Child - Planet Earth
Planet Earth
(Eddie Caldwell)

You’ve always been my Star, my star of our story,
You’re always been my religion, my soil and my glory
If you need to understand love just remember the times
And the fruits of passion that we bring in each other’s lives

Sometimes my pride, pride gets in the way
But your strength lets me know, to stop causing pain
Every waking moment with you is incredible
I will crawl through fire burning coals to be with you

I thank you for a love that transcends time
I thank you for making me feel alive
And with you I own the universe and
I Feel born again on this planet earth

Sometimes I feel, feel like I could drift away
But you always appear at the right time to save the day
I would be a fool to let you get away
Never again will drift and I give you my promise to stay

You are my imagination, the real imagination of my dreams
Woman you give me the world and all that it means
Stay in my arms, I will protect the world around you
You own my mind through my soul and I’m grateful

Countless days I think of how surreal our life is
Millions of lovers wish they had a love built on bliss
Somebody like you only comes around the eclipse in time
You are the air that gives me the breath of life

Chorus Repeat 2x
You’re the only person that see’s and understand me
And I’m blessed with your beautiful atmosphere that surrounds me
I love all that is you and the offering that was given to me
We own the past, sail in the future and we’ll always have memories
Track Name: Eddie "Sea" Featuring Tajj And Shauntia Toussaint - Superstar (Soul Mirage)
You’re My Superstar
It all started one Saturday Afternoon,
She looked beautiful, like somebody, I already knew
Her voice was sultry, as if she was Chaka Khan
Or did I see her on a runway somewhere downtown
Pre chorus
I see her everywhere, and there’s a mystery with no clues
Everyday that I see her, I want to say let’s have dinner for two
She’s sees me, I wave, I see her, hey lady
I see us having a bottle of wine under the setting sun

Is this a mirage of an oasis, because we’re flying through the stars
I know there’s one thing, one thing for certain, you’re my superstar

Verse 2
One Saturday afternoon, I was relaxing at the park
There he was, tall, seem like, I seen him, on TV, playing ball
When I heard his voice, that night moods DJ came to mind
Or was he by the runway, when I was modeling downtown one time
Pre chorus
I see him everywhere, and there’s a mystery with no clues
Everyday I see him, I wish he’d say, let’s have dinner for two
There he is, here am I, our minds meet as one
I could see the moon beaming down on us as we’re making love

Chorus repeat

Guy and Girl
I can feel the karma and you’re my number one
We’ll ride this feeling for forever and a day

By Eddie Sea
Track Name: Eddie "Sea" Featuring Shauntia Toussaint - Velvet Lounge Sultry
70’s Velvet lounge
(Eddie Sea)
Verse 1
There’s nothing like that 70’s feel good music
With pillows and incense, and love and happiness
Happy people everywhere, in my neighborhood
Come and ride that love train with me
Where you can’t hide love, it’s the shining star
I’m living for the city, on the rooftop they play P funk
And slow dance to Marvin Gaye
And the summer breeze makes me say

I know a place with feel good music and everyone is getting down
The real music’s downtown at the 70’s velvet lounge

Verse 2
Let’s walk through the beads and let this groove line take us away
Everyone is so proud of who they are, like back in the day
I see Mia, Ron, and Lana, in the soul train line
In the blue light room down stairs is where the couples are in the mood
In the Red Room they playing fire
It’s Friday night and we riding on a midnight plane
Heaven must be like this, but the street life world is cold
Come on down to the velvet lounge and reach deep inside your soul

I know a place with feel good music and everyone is getting down
The real music’s downtown at the 70’s velvet lounge
Deep inside Chicago, they partying like its Hollywood
Let’s ride down lake shore drive, and let the music free your mind

South shore’s feeling that funk, Hyde Park’s feeling that groove
West side’s feeling that vibe; up north they feel that groove